Give me the critical appreciation of Dusk by Saki.

jayanthy | Student

Dusk has a cleverly manipulated plot. the main ingredient of the plot is a cake of soap. All the three characters are connected with this. The young man fails to produce it which is the sole evidence of his story, Gortsby finds the soap after he dismisses the young man and his story and the old man at the end is shown looking for the same cake of soap that he has apparently lost in the park. The young man did not want to use the soap provided by the hotel so he goes out to get one and in the process loses his way to the hotel. However, when he looks for it in his coat pockets, it is nowhere to be found. when Gortsby finds the soap, he is filled with remorse it is the young man's  so he lends the young man some money , the story ends on a surprise note when the old man comes back looking for the soap.

 there is lot of humour which the author has added to this story where the young man tries to win Gortsby's sympathy with his story of forgetfulness Gortsby does not believe him and therefore he weaves a story as to how he himself had forgotten his way to the hotel in a foreign country

 the plot is well set up to keep alive the suspense till the end, it helps to retain the interest of the reader till the end. With the Dusk as the background the author weaves a gloomy picture of city life. It also stands for the deception that rules city life.His description of the elderly man sets the stage for the suspense to unfold. Gortsby's sarcastic comments hin at some unexpected turn of events.We share his opinion about the young man as a trickster, the dramatic appearance of the soap brings a twist to the tale.While we sympathise with the young man the author brings in another twist to the story, the elderly man walks back looking for the cake of soap which is definitely an expected ending.