Please suggest five possible topics that I can use for evaluation essay.

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Keep in mind that the purpose of an evaluation essay is to place value on a subject or idea and prompt readers to accept your ideas by aligning them with their own sense of value.  In this way, it is very similar to an argumentative essay.  Keep in mind also that though it is important to be impartial and objective, evaluation essays often draw out common feelings and therefore appeal to readers emotions as much as they may rely on facts as evidence.

Almost any subject can be made into an evaluation essay.  Think about it this way: what subject do you have enough experience with and a strong enough opinion about to evaluate it?  If you have been given the opportunity to write about absolutely anything, my advice is to pick a topic that is relevant to you and your peers, interests you, and is something you know a lot about with minimal research.  That way, your research will be easier and will truly enhance your paper.


  • Evaluate Entertainment: current movies, songs, popular bands (especially ones that you might not believe deserve the fame they receive), books, new restaurants, fun places to go/things to do with friends.
  • Evaluate (new piece of technology) as it applies to your life, job, success as a student, etc.
  • Evaluate a recent piece of legislature or a current law and how it affects your generation.
  • Evaluate the cost of tuition at your current institution.
  • Evaluate a product you regularly use and (possibly) the effectiveness of advertising for this product.
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