Give me 20 interesting facts about rickets.

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator


1) is caused by Viatmin D deficiency

2) is more common in darker skinned people

3) can be cuased by overuse of sunscreen

4) is a risk for strict vegans

5) can be caused by celiac disease

6) can be caused by lack of dietary calcium

7) can be caused by lack of dietary phosphorus

8) can be a heriditary condition

9) causes tooth deformities

10) caused bowlegs

11) causes scoliosis

12) gets its name from the Greek "rachitis", which means swollen spine

13) can be setected via blood test or x-ray

14) can prevent a baby's fontanelles (soft spots in the skull normally present at birth) from closing

15) was originally described in 1645 by Francis Glisson

16) Because glass filters out ultraviolet light, you cannot make viatmin D by sitting next to a window

17) doses of cod liver oil were the earliest successful treatment for rickets

18) was thought, in ancient times, to be contagious

19) was so sommon in England in the 1800s that it was referred to as the "English disease"

20) adult rickets is called osteomalacia



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