Give me 2 analyzed quotes demonstrating 2 different types of figurative language.

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In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, figurative language abounds.  In "The Prologue" the Chorus says:

Doth with their [the two star-crossed lovers] death bury their parents' strife.

"Bury" is a metaphor.  Strife can't really be buried, it is an emotion.  The ending of strife or enmity between the two families is being compared to a burial.

In Act 1.1, Gregory and Sampson create a pun out of the word move.  From lines 5-10 move has the following meanings:

  • an emotion, anger (line 5)
  • motivation (6)
  • anger and motivation (7)
  • to physically move (8)
  • to physically move (9)
  • motivation (10)

These multiple meanings create a pun, more than one meaning for a single word. 


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