What might be a few universal truths expressed in Ray Bradbury's short story "There Will Come Softy Rains"?

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Ray Bradbury’s short story “There Will Come Soft Rains” suggests a number of ideas that some readers may regard as so convincing that they could arguably be considered “universal truths.” Among such ideas are the following:

  • That some technological innovations are likely to make life increasingly easy for human beings, allowing humans to avoid a great deal of monotonous and everyday work.
  • That some other technological innovations (such as weapons, especially atomic weapons) have the ability to make life horrific for human beings and even have the ability to wipe out all (or almost all) life on the planet.
  • That humans are unlikely to be able to control misuse of the second kind of technology.
  • That nature will probably endure even if (and even after) humans are gone.  It is unlikely that human technology will ever destroy the planet entirely. For a long time to come, a planet called “earth” by humans is likely to continue to orbit the sun.
  • That if humans ever do succeed in destroying themselves, they are likely to destroy many innocent creatures as well.  Thus, the dog in Bradbury’s story is almost certainly a victim of atomic poisoning:

The dog frothed at the mouth, lying at the door, sniffing, its eyes turned to fire. It ran wildly in circles, biting at its tail, spun in a frenzy, and died.

  • That technology, having been used in such a way as to destroy humanity, will finally have reached the end of its own evolution.



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