Wallace, George Corley

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What is George Wallace advocating in the sentence from his inaugural address that is given below? The sentence is ""Let us not simply defend but  let us assume  the leadership of the fight and carry our leadership across this nation"

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What Wallace is advocating is that the people of the South should try to push for more states' rights.  This is why he refers back to people like Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers.  He is saying that the United States was created as a country that was based on liberty. To him, that means the liberty of the white majority to do as it pleases.  He does not think that it is democratic for the national government to try to impose a way of life (in this case integration) on the people of the South.  Wallace is not saying that people in the North should be encouraged to practice segregation.  Instead, what he is saying is that states should be given more rights.  He would use that freedom to promote segregation in his own state, but he is not advocating that there be segregation in all states.

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