Give examples in Othello about how friendship is shown, the penalty for betrayal, who remains loyal, and what the play says about friendship & loyalty.

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There is very little true friendship in the play.  None of the men are friends.  All are too paranoid about their women and too worried about their reputations to enter into an honest friendship.  Cassio might have been a friend to Othello, but Othello is so insecure around the younger, white Cassio; Othello's uber-paranoid that Cassio will steal his white trophy wife (even before Iago brings it up).

Emilia and Desdemona have the only honest, friendly conversations in the play.  Yet, they have differing opinions of a wife's and husband's duties in marriage.  Desdemona says she could never betray her husband, not for the world.  Emilia says that men are stomachs and women their food.  They are friendly, but not friends.  The social hierarchy does not permit friendship: Emilia is her servant, not her friend.  If Emilia was a better friend, she might have stopped the honor killing. Only after Desdemona has been...

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