Give examples of morality and corruption in Measure for Measure by Shakespeare.

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This is a huge question.  I'll point you toward the main characters and events in the play that concern morality and corruption, to give you a general starting point.  The contrast between choosing to act in a moral or corrupt fashion is a major theme in this play, and as Shakespeare often does, here he provides no easy answers to this question.  Rather, he creates characters who passionately believe in this or that action as moral or corrupt, and the ensuing interaction between these characters (with the opposing points of view) creates conflict, which creates drama.

The main plot of the story revolves around the triangle of Isabella, her brother Claudio and the man who holds the power in Vienna while the Duke is absent, Angelo.

Angelo, rules with an excess of morality. As soon as he gets his hands on the power, he shuts down brothels and makes it his mission to see all moral corruption punished and eradicated from Vienna.  As part of this new regime of "morality," Claudio is...

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