give examples for inductive and deductive teaching method from mathematics.  

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Inductive teaching means that you start with the simple/special and go on to teach the general rule.

An example: You want to teach children how to solve 12x3. Using the inductive approach you would encourage the children to try for themselves, maybe using this method on the blackboard: (Some of the point of inductive teaching would be that the children could use their own method, so I would only use the blackboard after letting the kids work for a little while)

We know that 12 is the same as 10+2
We can write it like this: 10x3+2x3
The answer would be 30+6=36.

This method would teach the children to divide a number into tens and ones, and show them how to mulpiplicate tens and ones separately before adding together in the end.

This would be a foundation for understanding the general "rule" for lining up multiplication, that you would teach them in the end of the session.

Deductive teaching would be to gove the children the "rule" first, showing them how to line up and solve mulpiplication-pieces, and then letting them practice using it on a range of tasks.

In general, almost all inductive teaching-sessions lets the children try something out for themselves at first, before teaching them the "recipe" of how something should be done. Deductive teaching-sessions would start with the "recipe" and continue with different tasks making the children follow it.

Im sorry if my english is bad - I am norwegian:)
Hope this is helpful.