Give examples of how systems biology may impact medical practice or environmental policy making?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Systems biology is a new strategy developed in order to study the biological interactions of any biological complex system in a holistic manner as contrary to the reductionism thought. This is often applied in biomedical research where the result of a particular biological response in due to the complex interactions of cells, tissues, organs and systems since measuring each of the components may be very hard to predict. Studying them may require extensive analytical and statistical background in order to determine the specific relationship of one component with another. 

Applying this to our present research may affect medical practice or environmental policy in several ways. 

1. Can lead to efficient drug discovery

2. Can be able to promulgate principles and practice of personalized Molecular Medicine 

3. Can give effective solutions with disease and immune responses

4. Since the determination of the biological activities is concerned, application of systems biology can lessen the usage of test subjects

5. It can affect the funds that are allocated for research and practices. Meaning, it can lessen the funding in the research thus increase the funding on actual practices which includes hospital care, equipment and drugs.