Give examples of how Greek mythology appears in contemporary religions.

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There are several different approaches to this question.  On a very practical level, the notion of a polytheistic set of beliefs can be linked to modern religions such as Hinduism.  Both Hinduism and Greek Mythology accept the premise that there are multiple gods and avatars of these gods in the spiritual pantheon of worship.  On a larger level, the manner in which Greek Mythology constructed the relationship between mortal and the divine is a theme present in the structure of contemporary relationships.  The idea of being able to construct a relationship in which individuals are at the mercy of the divine is something that is seen as far back as Homer and in the modern dialogue of religion.  Greek Mythology provided a window in which individuals were able to understand their own senses of identity in the eyes of that which they worshipped.  This becomes one of the fundamental issues in all religion:  How am I seen in the eyes of the divine?  The manner in which individuals seek assistance from the divine, how justice is delivered, and how the righteous are blessed and the wicked punished are elements that are foundational in Greek Mythology and present in contemporary religious worship.

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