Give examples of characters in "Tartuffe" who exhibit behaviors of obsession that blind them to the need of other characters.

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sesmith5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Orgon is obsessed with piety.  Thus he is obsessed with Tartuffe who he believes to be the embodiment of piety.  He shows this obsession when he is more concerned with the health of the hale and hearty Tartuffe than with is ailing wife, Elmire.  Marianne is also obsessed with pleasing her father.  As a result, she hurts her fiance, Valere, when she hesitates to say that she won't marry Tartuffe.  She instead asks Valere for advice on whether or not she should marry Tartuffe.  Obviously, the question hurts Valere who believes the answer to that question is obvious.

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