Give examples about dark and light symbols on the island?

ichabod | Student

Dark and light symbols abound in Lord of the Flies. Everywhere you turn It seems there’s some type of direct or indirect reference to dark and light; these often representing the dual sides of human nature.  A few specific examples:

On the light side: The Signal Fire- representing hope, civilization and organization.  Piggy’s glasses- these concentrate light and make it possible to start fires- these can be seen as a symbol of insight, wisdom, and perception.

Examples from the dark side include first and foremost, the Jungle itself, representing the dark heart of man and his inner demons/wild places. Other dark symbols with roughly the same meaning include The Beast and The Lord of the Flies. Consider that day and night themselves can be seen as symbols, as nearly all foul deeds on the island take place in the night, including Simon’s murder, which Ralph blames on the darkness.


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