Identify an example of a character's pride in ethnicity.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jing- Mei, or June, demonstrates a sense of pride in her Chinese identity as her narrative develops.  June is wayward in, a sense, but then anchored by the reemergence of her Chinese identity and her embrace of it.  Her return to China at the end of the work, in general, speaks to an embrace of her pride of ethnicity.  Contrary to how she was as a child, where Chinese identity was something that was a source of shame, the adult June embraces her Chinese identity.  In returning to China and establishing the roots that defined her ethnic composition, June makes it clear that she recognizes and embrace who she is from an ethnic point of view.  This helps to display how her sense of characterization and sense of pride in who she is as both a woman and someone who is Chinese is evident.  It is where June finds a sense of calling in her identity.  In leaving America, Tan creates a character who recognizes that her hybrid nature of being "the other" and American can be embraced even if one goes back to the land that is not theirs, but their ancestor's.  In doing so, June displays a great deal of pride in her ethnicity, seen as an indelible part of her identity.

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