Tertiary sector activities and the resources used in those activities.give example of 1 activity from the tertiary sector and identify land,labour,physical capital and human capital in each.

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Human capital is the key. Since goods are not produced, much of the wealth is in skill. With manufacturing heading overseas more and more, the service sector is becoming the focus of our economy. Most services cannot be outsourced. You aren't going to send your dry cleaning to China or India. However many services are, such as customer service, tech support and even tax services.
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The tertiary sector of the economy is the service sector, the sector that produces services and not goods.

One example of an activity from that sector is a law firm.  For a law firm, there is very little "land" involved in their work.  The only "land" involved is the property on which their office building stands.  Their physical capital will consist of things like their computers and copy machines.  Their human capital consists of their staff and the education that their staff has had to get in order to be qualified.  The labor, of course, is the work done by the staff every day.