Give a detailed description of the meanings of the colours of the Ghana flag and evaluate how it evokes national unity or division

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The flag of Ghana features three horizontal bands - red, yellow, and green from top to bottom - and a black star in the center of the flag. These colors are featured in many African flags and are considered the Pan-African colors, first used in a flag by Ghana.

Red symbolizes the blood shed by Ghanians during their battle for independence. The yellow stands for the mineral wealth of the nation, since Ghana produces a great deal of gold. Green symbolizes the plants of the land, both timber and agricultural. The black five-point star represents the freedom of African people.

Ghana is very active in support of Pan-African efforts enabling the nations of the African continent to work together to solve problems and assist each other in improving economies. The colors of the flag reflect that national and international unity and pride.

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