Give a detailed account of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar as a political play.It would be very useful if it is a detailed account

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Shakespeare includes several political aspects in the play.

1. First, he identifies the quest for ultimate power even within a republic which is supposed to provide equal representation for the people. Shakespeare includes Cassius's first conversation with Brutus not only to portray Cassius's reasons for wanting Caesar removed from power but also to show the conflict that took place between Caesar and Pompey over sole leadership of the republic. The playwright also highlights what Brutus sees as a good form of leadership (a balance of power between the Senate and "Executive" Branch) and how the people (who try to crown Caesar) seem to want one impressive, powerful leader.

2. The play also presents the politicizing of events such as funerals and festivals. In Act 3, both Brutus and Antony must deliver funeral speeches to win back the commoners' loyalty.  Antony, especially like a masterful politician, relies on numerous rhetorical strategies and argument appeals to promote his own political agenda.

3. In Act 4, when Antony produces his black list, Shakespeare illustrates the intrigue and ruthlessness often associated with politics.  Antony, similar to other previous and future leaders, realizes that he must silence his opposition and orders the deaths of political dissenters.

4. Finally, as he does in most of his plays, Shakespeare shows that chaos produces tragedy and that it is only when order is restored that governments or families can function normally. After Caesar's assassination, the people riot, run through the streets, burn houses and buildings, etc.  Only when Antony has annihilated those who caused the chaos (Brutus, Cassius, and the other conspirators) can politics begin to control the people once more.

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