Give a detailed account on the disadvantages of today's Indian political administration in comparison with the Delhi Sultanate.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the question is immediately focusing on disadvantages between the Delhi Sultanate's political administration and that of today's India, I would have to say that corruption is the number one disadvantage.  Corruption, backroom deals, crony captalism, bribes, and "black money" are elements that have really embedded themselves in the Indian government of today and its administration.  This is something that the Delhi Sultanate did not have to the level of modern India today.  The current economic crisis in India is being precipitated in part by a lack of faith that foreign investors have in the current government to remain free of corruption.  Global Rating agency Fitch lowered India's credit rating because of what it cited as corruption and a lack of faith in Indian political administration.  The Delhi Sultanate faced challenges from outside India, but was fairly well administered domestically, with a general consensus of all parties working towards the nation's betterment against foreign threats.  This is not the case in the modern Indian political administration, where the threats are internal from the high level and rampant corruption that has been a part of the modern Indian governmental administration.

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