Give the critical appreciation of this poem "Goe and catche a falling star" in simple words? Also please briefly describe what is meant by critical appreciation?

sesh | Student

What is critical appreciation?

To begin with let us unpack the phrase – critical appreciation. To be critical means to be able to judge the value of something or someone. To show appreciation, on the other hand, implies the ability to see the good or strength in something. Thus if we put the two words together, to conduct a critical appreciation implies the ability to assess the value in something towards showing the strength or good of that something.

Actually this poem by John Donne is based on a personal prejudice that woman is unfaithful, everyone of them. It is presented as a casual conversation too, so more than thematically appreciating, it would be better to focus on its structure for it is a very good exmple for metaphysical poetry.

1.    Intellectually rigorous, scholastic,  dialectical, subtle

2.    Argumentative – using logic, syllogisms or paradox in persuasion.

                Donne has the tenacity of a sharp legal mind. Like a dogged prosecutor (sometimes defendant), he mounts a zealous case for or against his theses.

3.    Concentrated complex and difficult thought

4.    Dramatic, with abrupt aggressive opening but modulating tones.

5.    Style – concise,  succinct, epigrammatic

6.    Use of conceits; commonplace medieval topics with lots of comparisons to unusual, unexpected things or images called conceits or extended metaphors.

Deals with dichotomies,  dualities, paradoxes, antithesis in a dialectic manner

·        Body and soul   (corporal and spiritual)

·        Time and eternity (finite and infinite)

·        Real (concrete) and the ideal (abstract)

·        Carnal (profane) and divine (sacred) love

·        Sin and redemption

·        Emotion (passion) and Reason (logic)

Donne resolves everything into a unity;

a) the oneness of lovers, 

b) the self-sufficiency of lovers, 

c) the image of the circle – cycles – perfection

Since these qualities are embeded in this poem, ot can be critically appreciated better as a metaphysical poem.