Give a critical appreciation of "Strange Fits Of Passion Have I Known."

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is one of the famous Lucy Poems that Wordsworth wrote, in which Wordsworth explores the feelings of loss and loneliness. Lucy is a figure that is used by Wordsworth to capture the idea of solitary beauty, and in this poem and elsewhere, Wordsworth uses his own response and feelings about Lucy's growth in the country, at one with nature, and her subsequent death to scrutinise his own belief about the value of life and the way in which nature plays such a vital role in that life.

For Wordsworth, the kind of passion and closeness to nature exhibited in the character of Lucy is therefore something to be sought after and prized very highly. Wordsworth, as befitting his status as a Romantic poet, saw that communion with nature was something that captured the essence of what life was all about. In particular, Lucy, as a child, is able to experience that sense of unity with nature in a way that adults are unable to experience. In her person therefore Wordsworth captures a sense of innocence and loss that is extremely poignant.

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