give critical appreciation of the poem "JOY" by rabindranath tagorethe matter should be atleast a page and a half!

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This short poem by Tagore embodies rich spirtual concepts. The joy mentioned here appears to be the state of 'bliss' which is attained  through one's 'awareness' of the 'truth'. In Sanskrit, this state of mind is indicated by the term Sat-Chit-Anand. The natural elements mentioned in the poem are perfect and sublime.They stand for truth. When we are conscious of these elements of truth,  we experience the resultant joy which remains unmitigated. When we acquire true knowledge, we are able to differentiate the good from the evil .At this stage, we can fight the evils with clarity and courage of conviction.

 Viewed from a more earthly point, the poem suggests that harmony with nature will lead to peace of mind. The more we appreciate nature , the better we can understand life and enjoy it. Spring or winter, there is beauty in everything. Appreciation of beauty brings joy.When we realize that life has noble aspects, we can enjoy life better. In essence, the poet says that joy is everywhere and it is not correct to look for it only in certain places.