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Samuel Beckett

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Give critical analysis of Waiting for Godot in 400 words.

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More detail is going to help in answering such a question.  There is much in way of critical analysis about the play and the reception to it.  Some of what you find in the academic community about the play strives to make meaning of it.  Beckett's work is challenging on the level that so many find something in it that can appeal to their own understanding of literature and approach to literary criticism.  Yet, in doing this, one falls victim to what Beckett himself is critiquing in "waiting" for a totalizing answer to provide meaning to that which is challenging to define.  In the end, critical analysis of the play is wide and varied, just as the reaction to it.  There will have to be some level of definition and focus to the question in order to derive a clear and purpose driven answer.

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