Give a critical analysis for short story "The Rain Came" by Grace Ogot.

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the short story "The Rain Came" by Grace Ogot, customs and traditional beliefs leave Oganda having to face death for her people to have rain. Oganda is to be sacrificed in order to end the drought that her people face. She is the daughter of the chief. In fact, she is the only daughter of the chief. Heart-broken, the chief knows he must give up his only daughter for the good of the people he serves.

In this story, the chief is a perfect example of what a leader must go through in order to save his people. Although he loves his only daughter, he is willing to sacrifice her for the rains to come and save his people from drought. His people come first, even before his precious family. This is a great quality that a leader must have in order to truly serve.

This chief can be compared to a similar story involving the sacrifice of an only son. God was willing to sacrifice his only son Jesus Christ so that his people could be saved. In the end, God's only son is raised from the dead and lives on triumphantly.

In much the same way, Oganda is rescued by Osinda and taken to safety. She was willing to give her life, and that is all that it took to please the gods.

When Osinda takes her to safety, the rains come down and her people are saved.

The story ends with the reader wondering if she will ever see her mother and father again. If not, the price has been paid without the actual sacrificing of Oganda's life. She will forever be separated from the family she loves.

The ultimate sacrifice has been made. Oganda's people will be saved from the drought. She and Osinda will have to regroup and live apart from their families.

In the end, the reader is relieved that Oganda's true love rescues her. The people get rain and Oganda gets Osinda. They all live happily ever after.

user2124851 | Student

who are the suitors of oganda?

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