Give a character study of Amir in The Kite Runner.

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Amir is a fairly complex character in Hosseini's work.  The protagonist of the narrative, Amir is explored in intricate depth and shown to possess a reservoir of emotional complexity.  Amir is a character whose insecurity and depth reflects the divergent nature of Afghanistan, itself. I think that Amir is possessed a by a sense of guilt as he matures.  There is guilt for not being able to reciprocate Hassan's overwhelming loyalty, for not standing up for Hassan in a critical moment of need, and for undermining him in the attempts to win a relationship with an overidealized father.  In this light, Amir operates with guilt in tow.  His eventual understanding and recognition of his connection with Hassan and the chance to "make things right" inspires him to find and care for Sohrab.  At the same time, Amir's journey back into Afghanistan highlights his own evolution and change.  For example, when Amir places money under the bed for Farid's children to find and buy food, it marks a moment of change. More than two decades before, he had done the same thing.   The first time, however, was for a terrible purpose. This reveals how much Amir has grown and changed as a man.  The fighting of Assef reflects much of the same in that he should have challenged him when Hassan was being brutalized.  He now does so when Hassan' son, his nephew, is being threatened.

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