give the application of boyles lawI want to knwo where the boyles law applied

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Boyle's law is the relationship of the volume and pressure. Robert Boyle found out that when holding the temperature constant, the Pressure is inversely proportional to the Volume. This can be written as:

`p = k 1/V`

Application for the Boyle's law can be seen in the daily life. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Syringe: when we draw fluids using a syringe, we increase its volume thus decreasing the pressure inside the syringe. If we reverse it by releasing the fluid inside, we press the syringe thus applying pressure which apparently decreases the volume of the syringe.  
  2. Soda Cans: Soda cans are pressurized when manufactured. As the can is filled with soda, the pressure is increased. Now when opening the soda, the Carbon dioxide (CO2) quickly rush out of the can looking for more space thus decreasing the pressure inside the can. That phenomenon allows you to hear the fizz in sodas.



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