Give an example of when an officer could use the SARA model in policing.

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A police officer could use the SARA model in many different circumstances.  One such circumstance would be a situation in which there were a number of break-ins in a given neighborhood.  Let us see how SARA would apply here.

The first step in SARA is scanning.  This is the step in which the problem is identified.  An officer could look at crime statistics to make sure that the number of break-ins in the neighborhood really is high compared to other neighborhoods.  This is important to make sure that this really is a problem.

The second step is analysis.  The officer would try to determine what might be causing this problem.  For example, if a burglary suspect is apprehended, the officer might question that person to try to understand what is causing them to commit crimes in this particular time and place.

The third step is response.  Let us say that the officer believes that the crimes are caused by a lack of vigilance in the neighborhood on the part of residents and police.  The officer could then start a neighborhood watch program.  They could patrol the area more often.  These actions would be logical responses to the way they analyzed the situation.

Finally, there is assessment.  After a suitable period of time, the officer would need to look at the crime statistics and see if the break-ins have become less frequent.  This step would help to determine if the response was the correct one.