What is an example of when the police could use the SARA model.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Police officers could use the SARA model in any number of situations.  One possible situation might be the case of a downtown area in which many break-ins were occurring at night.

First, the police officers would need to do the Scanning part of SARA to determine if this is really a problem.  They might look at the number of crimes that are being committed now and compare it to past years to see if a real upsurge is occurring.

Second, assuming that the police decide that the break-ins are a real problem, they would then start to Analyze.  They would look at various kinds of data to try to determine why people are breaking in to these stores. 

Third, the police would prepare and implement their Response.  They might, for example, suggest that merchants install better lighting and/or security cameras to deter burglars.  They might institute more frequent patrols of the area that is being hit.  If they have determined that most of the burglars are drug addicts, they might push for more drug rehabilitation programs in their city.  Any or all of these might work to reduce the number of break-ins.

Finally, they will Analyze.  After the Response has been given a sufficient period to work, the police can look at data to see if the number of break-ins has gone down as much as they would like.  If it has, good.  If not, they will need to go back to the second step (Analyze) in the process.