Give an example of something that one culture might regard as a virtue that another culture might not.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One thing that can be valued by one culture and not by another is the idea of freedom of religion and religious toleration.  We can see this sort of difference between, for example, the culture of the United States and that of much of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, there has been a great deal of attention lately to laws and other actions that have occurred because of a lack of religious tolerance.  There have been politicians who have been killed because they talked about repealing a law that makes apostasy from Islam a capital crime.  This shows that a large segment of the Pakistani population believes that only a certain sort of Islam should be tolerated.  By contrast, the United States is much more tolerant.  We believe that people should have the right to espouse any religion they wish and to abandon their religion if they so desire. 

Thus, different cultures value different things.  We are left to try to determine whether one side or the other is right or whether we should adopt an attitude of cultural relativism that simply holds that each culture’s values are equally valid.