Give an example of any product that fulfills or matches Garvin's eight (8) dimensions of a quality product.  

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The Toyota Rav 4 is the best-selling SUV in America right now. Let’s look at what makes customers favor it using Garvin’s eight dimensions of quality.

1. Performance

Performance refers to the main operating features of the product. According to Toyota, the Rav 4 has a smooth automatic transmission that allows easy acceleration on the roads. True to their words, most consumers are happy with the Rav 4’s performance. According to the Kelley Blue Book review, most consumers give the Rav 4 a performance rating of 3.9/5.

2. Features

"Features" of a product refers to the secondary characteristics of the product. The latest Rav 4 version has 203 horsepower to supplement the smooth driving and acceleration experience.

3. Reliability

Toyota outshines most car makers in the reliability of their products. Toyota SUVs are built to last for more than 2 decades, and the Rav 4 is no exception. If you look at the roads today, there is a high probability that you will see an older version of the Rav 4. These cars are very reliable because they can last for a long time with little maintenance.

4. Conformance

The Toyota Rav 4 conforms to the safety standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The 2019 model was given a 5-star rating because it reduces the impact of a crush on the passengers and driver.

5. Durability

Since Toyota’s are built to last, they have low depreciation in durability. A second generation Toyota Rav 4 can go for as much as $10,000 because it can still run. Despite the mileage on it, the car can still go on for more years with minimal maintenance.

6. Serviceability

Owning a Toyota is great because they are everywhere. That means that the parts for the Toyota Rav 4 are readily available. As a result, the car is easy to service and maintain.

7. Aesthetics

Even though Toyota has never been known for its good looks, the fourth-generation Rav 4 received a facelift to make it look more modern and "tough" for the roads. Since Rav 4 sales continue to rise, it means that people love the car’s aesthetics.

8. Perception

The perception has always been that Toyotas are fuel-efficient. Most people that don’t know much about cars will consider buying a Rav 4 because they want to save gas money. That is the perception of Toyota’s quality.

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According to Garvin, there are eight dimensions of the quality of a product. Let’s take a look at a Maytag stove/oven to see these dimensions.

  • The performance of the stove refers to how well it functions. A good stove will heat food properly and to the correct temperature. It will also cook food in an efficient manner. People would expect the performance of a Maytag stove to be in the good to excellent categories.
  • The features of the stove are also important. A Maytag stove that has an automatic shut-off feature, a warming burner, a self-cleaning mode, and a Sabbath mode will be attractive to some consumers.
  • Reliability is important. People want a product that they can expect to work properly for many years. Reviews about the Maytag stove will give an indication of its reliability.
  • Conformance refers to how well the product meets established standards. People would expect the Maytag stove to meet the standards established for any stove. If a new Maytag stove is produced, people will want to know how will it compare to previous models.
  • Durability refers to how long the product will last. People would expect the Maytag stove to last many years before needing to be replaced.
  • Serviceability refers to the ease of getting service on the product. Repair service is available for all of Maytag's products. People expect the repair service to be quick, fairly priced, and customer friendly.
  • Aesthetics deals with how the product looks. Maytag stoves come in different colors to match the décor of an individual kitchen. There is some subjectivity to décor, since something that looks nice to one person might not look nice to another person.
  • Perceived quality is another characteristic that is significant. The reputation of a brand is important. Maytag has run ads about how lonely their repair people are because their products work so well. The things people have to say about a product are an important characteristic of that product.
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According to the Harvard Business Review, Garvin's eight dimensions of quality product are: 1) Performance 2) Features 3) Reliability 4) Conformance 5) Durability 6) Serviceability 7) Aesthetics and 8) Perceived Quality. 

1) Performance- Performance refers to the attributes of a product that can be measured in relation to their operating attributes. For example, if a Honda Civic was measured for performance, this measurement would take into account how fast it could go, the miles per gallon, and so on. 

2) Features- The features of a product are those aspects that amplify the appeal of the product, all while taking into account baseline attributes. In keeping with the same example of the Honda Civic, features would include things like radio, seat warmers, and so on.

3) Reliability- Reliability simply refers to the chance that a product will fail within a given period of time. For a Honda Civic, the reliability is the chance that the car will break down within a specific time frame, like 3-5 years, for example.

4) Conformance- Conformance refers to the extent to which the product meets or exceeds traditional standards. If a new model of a Honda Civic is released, how does it compare to past models or models from different manufacturers? 

5) Durability- The durability of a product is the amount of time that a product will last without the need for repair. How long will the Honda Civic last before it will not run anymore? Durability differs from reliability because it refers to the point after which a product cannot be repaired. 

6) Serviceability- Serviceability refers to the ease at which a consumer may obtain reliable and responsive amenities or repairs in regard to the product. This would include the experience that a customer has after taking their Honda Civic back to the dealership for further assistance.

7) Aesthetics- Put simply, aesthetics are how the product looks, feels, tastes, smells, and so on. For a Honda Civic, maybe it is the smell of the leather seats, or how the car looks from the outside. Aesthetics contribute to the brand of the product.  

8) Perceived Quality- Perceived Quality refers to the indirect measures of comparison that inform a consumer's opinion about a product. This would include the reputation of the company (Honda), other consumer's opinions about Honda, and so on.

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