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Give an example of artificial selection. Biology

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Artificial selection has been done for centuries, when early people bred their animals for specific traits or tried to domesticate early crops to grow for a food supply. It is the intentional breeding of certain characteristics that are desirable for a specific reason. There is no guarantee when crossing two plants with different traits, that the  traits you want to show up in the F1 generation, will actually show up. It is a deliberate process of trial and error. Artificial selection is not only used by farmers growing crops or breeding livestock, it can be used by drug companies to try to invent new drugs by artificially selecting specific plants to produce a hybrid with the traits that are desired.

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Artificial Selection is the breeding of certain traits over other traits. For example, breeding a good male horse with excellent racing qualities with a healthy female horse so that the offspring will have the desired traits such as the racing qualities.

Another example is breeding good size fruits or vegetable together to keep on getting the good size.

 Plants: sweeter apples via crossbreeding, bigger wheat, fancier flowers.

 Animals, faster horses, various dog breeds, fancier pigeons.