Give an example from April 1st which shows Charlie still lacks sensivities in "Flowers for Algernon".

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although Charlie shows that he is definitely "getting smarter" by April 1st, he still lacks the sensitivityto discern subtle nuances in social interaction.  His increased mental capacity is evident in his ability to quickly learn how to operate the complicated dough-mixer at work, yet he cannot understand why Frank and Joe seem to be angry at him for his success.  In the past, Frank and Joe had often taken advantage of Charlie's naivete, playing practical jokes and making him look foolish so that they could get a laugh at his expense.  In the particular incident on April 1st, they had encouraged Charlie to take over Oliver's job on the mixer, figuring that Charlie would be unable to work it correctly and might even mess things up to the point that they would "all have the day off".  When Charlie, to everyone's surprise, is able to work the machine confidently and effiently, the joke backfires.  Frank and Joe are angry because they have been made fools of instead of Charlie, but Charlie is unable to understand the subtleties underlying what has happened.  He finally concludes that Frank and Joe are mad because "they didn't get the day off like they thought" (Progress Report 9).

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