Letter To Ferdinand And Isabella Regarding The Fourth Voyage

Give a summary of Columbus's "Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella Regarding the Fourth Voyage." Why did he write it?

Columbus's "Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella Regarding the Fourth Voyage" consists largely of a complaint that he hasn't received the recognition he thinks he deserves for his discoveries. He also relates the many misadventures that have led him to become stranded on Jamaica. Columbus wrote the letter because he wanted recognition for all his efforts on behalf of the Spanish sovereigns as well as financial compensation for his troubles.

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Columbus's pride is very much on display in the fourth of his letters to Ferdinand and Isabella. Columbus devotes a lot of time in the letter to complaining about the lack of recognition of what he regards as his remarkable feats of exploration on behalf of the Spanish sovereigns.

Columbus had opened up the very lucrative exploitation of the Americas, which had provided enormous riches for Ferdinand and Isabella's coffers. And yet despite that, Columbus feels almost forgotten as he languishes shipwrecked off the coast of Jamaica.

In an obvious attempt to elicit sympathy from his correspondents, Columbus also relates the series of misadventures that caused him to end up shipwrecked. At the back of his mind, he hopes that such sympathy will be expressed by way of financial compensation for his many troubles.

Essentially, what Columbus is doing in the letter is reminding his royal patrons of all the good things he's done for them. He's come through for them, and he now expects them to return...

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