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Give a summary/explanation of the congressional party and the formation of public policy.

Congressional parties are the political factions that inhabit the legislative branch of the United States government. Congressional parties form to help politicians with seemingly similar values and ideas influence and control government. For some time, the dominant congressional parties in the US have been Democrats and Republicans. Each party has a variety of voices. Creating a uniformed public policy has become increasingly difficult for each one.

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Congress is the legislative part of the United States government. It consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. It’s composed of primarily two parties: Republicans and Democrats.

The parties form to help members win elections, control the government, and enact laws and policies that adhere to their general beliefs and ideology.

At the start of the United States, there was a congressional party known as the Federalists. Politicians who were a part of the Federalists believed in a strong, central government. That was their main public policy.

Generally, congressional parties have contrasting or opposite public policies. If you’re a part of the Republican Party, you might be expected to oppose abortion and tax increases. If you’re a part of the Democratic Party, you might be expected to support abortion and tax increases.

Of course, forming public policy is not such a tidy and homogeneous endeavor. Congressional parties, particularly right now, contain many different voices and viewpoints. Party establishments seem to be having an especially hard time putting together something resembling a cohesive public policy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez serves in the House of Representatives for the Democratic congressional party. She supports Medicare for All, dismantling ICE, and defunding the police. None of those three things is a part of the main Democratic party’s platform or public policy.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s presidency appears to have discombobulated the Republican congressional party. Trump has seemed to underscore how Republicans could be thought of as a party with unclear values or principles. Another way to say that is that they’re a party with a rather inconsistent or contradicting public policy.

However, you could say the same about Democrats. I guess that’s why congressional parties and public policy formation are generally considered to be thorny and frustrating.

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