Give a description of the outing as Thomas would describe it in "A Story."

Dylan Thomas could describe the outing in “A Story” as quarrelsome, drunken, and communal.

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Dylan Thomas could describe the outing in “A Story” as cantankerous. The members of the outing are regularly ill-tempered and hostile. Right away, they treat the boy as persona non grata. One of the men calls the boy "nasty." Another one notes that the boy hasn’t paid his fair share. For the men who are welcomed, they don’t seem to want to be welcomed or accepted by this rowdy bunch. As O. Jones said, “I didn’t want to come at all.”

Thomas might also describe the outing as confusing and lonely because the boy can’t really take part in the outing. He can’t drink with the rest of the men. It’s like he’s on the outside looking in. Literally, he’s peering into the bar. What he sees is bewildering. “They have all changed color,” the boy notices. If Thomas was describing the outing and not the boy, Thomas would probably have described the men as drunk.

Finally, Thomas might describe the outing as communal because, in the end, in spite of all of the quarrels and spats, the men come together in a field where they sing songs, eat sausage, and continue to drink. Thomas’s description could even get more specific. He might describe the outing as a “family outing.” Not only do the members of the outing turn out to act like a family, but the boy falls asleep by his uncle's side.

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