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TOM ROBINSON AND BOB EWELL.  It is ironic that the person who charges Tom Robinson with raping his daughter is actually the guilty party. Bob Ewell no doubt assaulted Mayella and then blamed Tom for his own cowardly actions. In the end, the jury believes Bob and convicts Tom.

THE MISSIONARY CIRCLE.  It is ironic that the ladies who gather to do good for the church spend much of their time gossiping and condemning other members of the community. They seem perfectly willing to help out the poor African Mrunas with aid and financial support, but they care little for the black citizens of their own community.

MISS CAROLINE.  It is ironic that Miss Caroline, a new teacher with knowledge of modern teaching techniques, fails so terribly on her first day and ends up learning more from the other children than they learn from her.

BOO AND THE CHILDREN.  Perhaps the most obvious irony of the novel is that the man who Jem and Scout fear most in the early chapters becomes the man who saves their lives.

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