Give 3 reasons why Americans became interested in the Cuban struggle for independence.

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There are a number of reasons you can cite.  You might want to check in your textbook to see which of these it says are the three.

First, there was the idea that Americans should support other people who were trying to become independent.  The US was created by rebelling against a European colonial power and so we should support others in the same situation.

Second, there was the idea that the Spanish were brutal.  Americans felt that Cubans were being terribly abused by Spaniards like Valeriano Weyler.  Therefore, they felt, the US should come to the aid of the Cubans.

Third, "yellow journalism" helped to create interest in Cuban independence.  Journalists like William Randolph Hearst pushed for the US to get involved by playing up supposed atrocities like those committed by Wyler.

Fourth, Cuba was part of what America saw as its own sphere of influence.  Americans felt that an independent Cuba would be influenced by the US.  This would remove the influence of a potentially hostile foreign power from an area so close to the US.

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