Ender's Game Questions and Answers
by Orson Scott Card

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Give three examples of how Ender and Valentine's relationship is positive by explaining the event that shows their relationship.

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The relationship between these two siblings (Valentine is older) is expressed in the book in three ways:  In the prelude to Ender’s training, we see that they are close, and both are victims of Peter’s latent violence. The opening of Chapter 3 shows how the government intends to exploit their closeness, while at the same time fearing that Ender will not be persuaded because he won’t want to leave his sister.  During his training he expresses several times that he misses his sister, and as he progresses up the training chain, feels he is growing farther from her.  In Chapter 13, entitled “Valentine, ” Ender gets a vacation, and spends it with his sister, swimming and catching up with her alter-ego game with her other brother. “You used to tickle me,” and similar remarks show their closeness. “So we’re strangers now?” asks Valentine.  “I was afraid that I still loved you,” say Ender—an obstacle to his new training. “How will you hurt me?” she asks. “You’ve discovered some of the destroyer in you.”  So a close examination of this chapter should reveal all the subtleties of their attachment.

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give me three examples of where valentine and Ender relationship is shown to be positive using 3 adjectives to describe their relationship. use one adjective for one example