Girls: Dani Alves or Neymar?............

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I hope you're asking about their skills on the field--when I watch football, I don't spend a ton of time checking out the players for their looks.

That being said--man, Brazil can really churn out players, huh?

I started watching a fair amount of football when I moved to London, especially during the Olympics. I have to admit, Neymar pulled his own weight during the Games--that match against Belarus was tight, and he owned that brutal shot. I haven't seen as much of Alves, but I'm looking forward to seeing both of them play FIFA 2014 on their home turf in Brazil!

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Are you asking which one girls will find more attractive? I would say that is a matter of personal opinion. Both men are athletes, so that usually makes them desirable to girls. It seems as if the two are going to be teammates in Barcelona, and have wanted to be for some time.

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