Can we discuss if girls are better than boys?Does anyone agree with the statement above?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I had a sexist, gender conscious, male-hating female principal who would probably agree with your statements. She believed that male teachers were only good for coaching (boys' teams but not girls' teams) and handling male-oriented classes like shop, agriculture and auto mechanics. She maintained different rules for male and female teachers, and she represented the worst aspects of a school administrator. Your simplistic idea that boys are inferior to girls is a type of reverse-discrimination that used to be prevalent in the minds of men. I try to live by the dictum that all "people" are created equal, and try to treat all my students--black, white, male and female--fairly. I would agree, however, that female students are more serious than the boys I have taught over the years, and girls have consistently earned higher marks in my English classes. Of course, I have also witnessed an increase in female "macho" attitudes, and misbehavior in the classroom and physical altercations are now more likely to come from female students than males.  

William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All living creatures, including humans, are the way they are because of adaptation through natural selection. Desmond Morris has written many interesting books on human evolution, explaining why women have evolved one way and men another. Richard Dawkins, the most eminent living Darwinian biologist, stresses that evolution does not necessarily make creatures "better." Mankind is not gradually evolving towards perfection, towards the creation of Superman and Superwoman. Man is just adapting to changing conditions for the sake of survival and reproduction. It is interesting to see how girls and boys, women and men, have evolved in different ways over thousands of generations of Homo sapiens. It is also interesting to speculate about how they might change in the future. But they will probably always need each other, and so they ought to try to get along with each other. Like, the fundamental things apply as time goes by. 

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, I do not think the statement is true.  There are certainly difference between men and women, but these differences don't make one better than the other.  Women might be naturally better at some things, but men are naturally better at other things.  For instance, men and women think differently.  Women are better at multi-tasking because they can think about many different things at once.  Men tend to focus on one thing at a time.  This makes men better than women at focusing on a single task.  Women have trouble only thinking about one thing.  Their minds tend to wander to other topics even while working.  I think men and women each have their strengths, but one sex is not inherently better than the other. 

William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The word "better" in the initial question is kind of ambiguous. If you are a girl, would you rather have been born a boy? If you are a boy, would you rather have been born a girl? If so, why? If not, why not? If you were going to have only one child, would you rather have a boy or a girl? Why?

It is always hard to separate the subjective element from the objective truth. I note that most girls who answered the question think that girls are obvioiusly "better" than boys, whereas most boys think that boys are obviously "better" than girls. What is the objective truth?

William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This has been the most popular discussion I have ever seen on eNotes. I wonder why. I would like to point out that the original question was not about whether men were better than women or vice versa; it was only about whether girls were better than boys. I would like to offer my opinion. Some girls are better than some boys, and some boys are better than some girls. Isn't that obvious? I don't mean just that boys are better at some things and girls better at others. I mean that some girls are better as persons than some boys and vice versa.


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most comments show women being different from men.  If we look at a Third World country where women die more often in childbirth than men and where women are not allowed to be educated, do we then say that men are better than women?  I don't think that we can say who is better or worse based on effects that are societal more than they are innate to one sex or the other.

I think that women and men are different in some ways and that there should be no value judgements attached to the differences that do exist.

wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is something naive about this assertion.  First, you separate humans by their gender difference, then ask if they are different. Two wise quotations to share:

1.  A difference that makes no difference is no difference (this is germane to social equality questions)

2.  No taxonomies are innocent (in other words, a person who starts dividing people by gender has a motive in mind.)  Wordprof

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I, also, cannot agree with the statement. Men and women are simply too different to be judged in that way. Think about it this way: apples and oranges are both fruit (in the same way men and women are human beings). Unfortunately, the two simply cannot be judged against each other given their genetic differences. Any "suggestions" made would simply be too subjective.

gracious15 | Student

    I don't think women are betters than men but different in creation. Sure women can do things better than men and men can do other things better than women. Some can do both but I think they sholud not be compared.

najm1947 | Student

The post 30 by Caglatekeli gives some of the factors that make them 'more than equal' because 'they have been created like that in view of the believers' and 'have evolved like that in view of the evolutionists'.

Men & women and boys & girls have to play their distinct role in the society due to difference in their sex hormones and the capabilities of the neural & sensory systems. Pushing them to perform same role does not seem to be fair.

najm1947 | Student

Men and women are made for each other. If some one can prove that human race can survive without the other, I would vote for the survivor to be better.

thewanderlust878 | Student

As a female, I definitely lean towards the statement that girls are better than boys, but only as a biased opinion simply to empower myself :) In all actuality, no one is "better" than anyone else. No male is better than any female, no black person is better than any white person, no short person is better than any tall person. It's just a fact of life that we are all equal, even though that concept is difficult for some to grasp. 

Hope this helps!

ik9744 | Student

Girls and Boys shouldn't be compared at all, they should be equal. No matter what we all have the pros of being a girl or boy and the cons. I'd get why girls would start a conversation about this, is even today men still think they have more power then the girls. Which explains the presidents of the United States being men. Just recently there was a girl president in some other country. I'll list some pros and cons about being girls and boys. Girls are weaker then boys, while the boys are naturally stronger. Girls are more gifted in music wise then boys, but some boys still perfect in music. Girls are naturally more polite then boys and more artistic. Boys are more talented in rough sport then girls. A lot of boys care about their grades but some they don't care at all. Anyone who is saying girls are better then boys, or boys are better then girls are sexist. In my family most of them are sexist, about how only girls can do work and stuff like that. While they don't care what the boys do [lucky me :P]. To be honest women can get jobs too, while men can do home chores. It's just personal preference. I've guess we just grown into the mode that women has to take care of the children and the men works. Girls have good opportunity for jobs a lot too, while men can easily take care of children. So my answer for this is Men = Women

Short answer:

There is no difference in men or women. They're the same, both have pros and cons.

p.s anyone says either one is better is sexist

sesh | Student

In some ways girls are better, and other ways boys do!

user1754155 | Student

Post42# can u explain ur answer

Gender discretion is a creation of human mind. the inherited culture and heritage brought the change in mind set. i do not find any difference in nature, it is perfectly harmonious. how ever the role of female is superior since the procreative responsibility is fully mother oriented.

aquariumm | Student

Well, based on what is going on in society, I feel as though there is a massive problem regarding gender inequality where males are give more opportunities than females, especially in the STEM areas . So although females may be better than males, they aren't given as much of a chance as males to prove that they are, which is terrible. However, I do think that both genders are different in their unique way and no gender should be more superior than the other.

francy17 | Student

DUH.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you have any doubts about this statement?

What the statement about girls improving their looks and not their mind? or the DUH.................!!!!!!!!!.....???

If the first, no I don't agree with the quote cause it's not true for everyone. And if u meant DUH.......!!! no I don't agree with that either. ;D

giraffepoop | Student

...women are meant for making children, a delicate process. men do not have to be "careful" in that manner. whether or not you think being strong or being delicate is better is totally up to the person at hand.

hef20 | Student

There is scientific evidence everywhere sugesting how each gender is better than the other on such a wide variety of random aspects. I read this morning that Men are better at reading small sized text, but women are better at listening to quiet sounds. If you wish to discus whether women or men are 'better' then one must be incredibly specific in the criteria. 

That said, where one gender comes accross as 'better' on one criteria, the other will find an equally important critera for which the result is the other way around; very similar to my above example.


amoli | Student

The Quran makes it clear that Women and Men are equal in the eyes of God.Islamic law, which Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) sent down to His Messenger Muhammad (SAW), came to announce that women are full human beings exactly as men are. Women, like men, are, therefore, required to follow the way appointed by Allah.A woman, like a man, is, therefore, obligated with all three degrees of this religion: Islam (outward submission to Allah); Iman (inward faith in Allah); Ihsan (perfection of worship of Allah).It is thus required for every woman to testify that there is none deserving worship but Allah, and that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger; to pray; to give charity; to fast; and to make a pilgrimage to Allah’s House if she has the means.It is likewise required for every woman to believe in Allah, His angels, His scriptures, His messengers, the Last Day, and to believe in Allah’s decree (and that the good and evil consequences thereof are from Allah).It is likewise required for every woman to worship Allah as if she sees Him. For although she cannot see Allah, she must believe that He sees whatever she does in secret and in public.Every Muslim woman is commanded to be steadfast in her religion and not to be negligent with her faith. It is impermissible for her, under any pressure or compulsion, to open her heart to accept the word of disbelief.

naari | Student

Men and women are made for each other. If some one can prove that human race can survive without the other, I would vote for the survivor to be better.

I completely agreee with you !!!

naari | Student

It is perhaps not possible for one to state who is superior than whom both are creations of god --- the good God created us all !!!!!!!!!!! 

nitishsen9 | Student

I do not agree with the statement. Although many may argue that women are equally competent as their male counter parts and some may even go on to the extents of saying that they are better than men or vice-versa. However, the fact remains that the two sexes cannot be judged on the same levels simply for the  both men and women are different in many ways, the most basics itself, such as their anatomy and the psychology. Besides, comparisons can only be made among equals( by this i mean both the compared should have the same starting line i.e. they should initially be similar to each other in regards with financial background, physical and mental level, and they should have similar education and upbringing,without discrimination of any sort). Secondly, the comparison could only be made on the same fields i.e. both the compared should either be judged on academics or sports or some other acitviy of which both are part of( for example a sports person cannot be compared with some musician or a scientist if u do so then the comparison is baseless). And so far there has been no such common grounds on which the two sexes could be judged since they are simply different from each other.

pecsbrah | Student

I do not agree with the statement. Many girls I know seek the company of boys for strictly platonic relationships because they are so sick of the grudge bearing and bitchiness of their own gender.

just-s | Student

totally agree man and women have their own flaws and areas of cannot distinguish between which is better than the other.

anushadee | Student

And why?

Hai piya lets be frank...... In my opinion both boy and girl are unique and they have their own importance......A girl cannot do all the things which are done by a boy..... and a boy cannot do all the things are done by a girl....For example a boy cannot give birth to a baby and a girl cannot handle multiple responsiblities like a boy all the time......



ali001 | Student

kinda sexist if u say girls are better than boys or boys are better than girls.

at the end of the day we are just human.

francy17 | Student

men are naturally better tan womwen are because they can do more then women can but women can also were high heels make up and trie to look nice and men dont really care because there more focussed on whats in front of them.


Your post just reminded me of this quote.. Girls improve their looks not their mind, because they know guys are stupid, not blind. lol

I don't agree with it 100% but it's kinda funny when you know someone who lives by that rule. :D

ilovemusic1225 | Student

Being a female, my first instict would be to say ABSOLUTLY!! But in reality, men and women have areas of strength and areas of flaw. Women seem to be better at the more meaningful things in life such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, organizing, and the list goes on. That doesn't mean that men can't do those things but it seems that women dominate over men in those areas. When it comes to sports and things in that area, men happen to know everything possible because they find it interesting to them. Women know more about shopping, interior designing, children, and more because it is interesting to them. I don't believe that men are better than women or visaversa. Each gender has things that they are strong in and weak in.

moocow554 | Student

Guys have more muscular bodies. but some girls doo too. Girls have a lot more clothes they can wear. Like girls have permission to wear revealing clothes. I am a guy but i think we are pretty equal. I believe it is said tjhat girls are a lot more focused, more mature, and even smarter. But guys are stronger both physically and mentally. and for guys, nothing is better tan seeing them in revealing clothes like a bikini, crop top, and tank tops. for girls, nothing is better than seeing a guy with a unbottoned shirt with a shredded 8 pack, Thats me, lol, But still i think we are equal in more ways that others feel :)


xbbe | Student

I think that boys are better than girls, first because i'm myself a boy, and thatbthey have less problems...

mainul99 | Student

Youn are absolutely right what you said responding to the question "Can we discuss, girls are better than boys". I would like to thank for your wonderful ideas on this issue.




drahmad1989 | Student

Of course we can discuss....

Boys are too much superior in their physical strength.

only relations can make a girl more better than boys. As the strongest relation in this world is MOTHER so in this way girls are superior than boys.

francy17 | Student

In reply to 36:

"God made men before women because every good creation needs a rough copy" - francy17

Masterpieces do not need a rough copy, just look at the 'Taj Mahal' - and God is The Master, The Creator.



I agree with you that god does not need to make rough copies cause everything he thinks of is prefect. That quote was just a joke, I use it on my guy friends..

As for the Taj Mahal... Think about all the rough copies that were skecthed in order to come up with the best design of the Taj Mahal. What is now the Taj Mahal is simply the best that humans could come up with.

lammygotswag15 | Student

I'm a girl. I like guys. I have best friends that are girls. This is not a good question to ask because it's like so racist.. O.o BOTHH. My answer. Tsit. :)

sfg13165 | Student

i dont think that girls are better than boys. thats being very biased and unfair. girls can do things just like boys can. no one is better.

justis | Student

men are naturally better tan womwen are because they can do more then women can but women can also were high heels make up and trie to look nice and men dont really care because there more focussed on whats in front of them.


juliajones97 | Student

I believe that both genders have equal strengths and weaknesses. It cannot be claimed that any one is superior to the other, because superiority in regards to humanity cannot and should not be quantified.

bernsb | Student

I think guys are better.


btmlsu | Student

And why?

Girls are better than boys in some areas. This is what I learned in my introductory sociology class. For an example: Girls are better at English than boys are. Boys are better at math than girls are. 

najm1947 | Student

In reply to 36:

"God made men before women because every good creation needs a rough copy" - francy17

Masterpieces do not need a rough copy, just look at the 'Taj Mahal' - and God is The Master, The Creator.


gracious15 | Student



francy17 | Student

Interestingly women are described as the weaker vessel in the bible, and complement to men.(pretty cool, huh?) But I have to say times have changed women - they have to do many of the things men do. They are no longer just the pretty face. And no I don't agree that statement, there are wonderful things about both genders that can be appreciated.

"God made men before women because every good creation needs a rough copy" just thought it was funny..

kavya--kammana | Student

The post 30 by Caglatekeli gives some of the factors that make them 'more than equal' because 'they have been created like that in view of the believers' and 'have evolved like that in view of the evolutionists'.

Men & women and boys & girls have to play their distinct role in the society due to difference in their sex hormones and the capabilities of the neural & sensory systems. Pushing them to perform same role does not seem to be fair.

you are right...i agree with you..and i have been observing u in some of the discussions and found that ur thoughts are wide and accurate answer to the topic and i heartly appreciate u ..some of the jobs done by girls cannot be done by boys and vice versa.. so in some case they are equal but in some occassions one is better than the other and differ in scoring in each fields. so seeing girls are great than boys is not nice..mutal dependence can leads to growth of society and differentaiting girls and boys is simply wasting of time...and try to find the merrits of opposite sexes and respect each other thats the conclusion arrived by me .....

caglatekeli | Student


They both also have different neuroanatomic structure and that makes men to have better motor abilities, whereas women have better linguistic abilities.

men are better at throwing something to target ; women are better at putting items into same-shaped holes properly


women can attend their attention to more than one different audiotory stimuli at the same time

men can find their ways easier; this might be because they have better visuospatial abilities

of course sex hormones, lifestyle or cultural issues may cause some of these

frizzyperm | Student

We are all flexible, impressionable, breakable humans. We are the product of our experiences and background.

For thousands of years women were oppressed into being 'mothers', 'sex objects' 'cooks' and 'cleaners' because men were physically stronger and you got a proper smack if you talked back or tried to challenge that. But try to understand that, in a lesser way, men were also the victims of this social construction. Boys were forced to grow up into the role of being 'insensitive', 'strong', 'bullet-proof' and 'emotionless'. This was not a healthy role for either of us.

Now western women, unlike many places in the world, have an opportunity to be equal. 

DON'T make the mistake of trying to 'win' the war of the sexes. We are all lost and confused people trying to understand who we are and what is happening. Western men have started to learn how to offer women an equal society. Let's work together. Men need to reposition themselves as well as women. And it won't happen if women repeat the mistakes from male-dominated history. 

najm1947 | Student

On a lighter note I would like to present the statistics of the first 16 posts on the discussion topic:

Posts to describe the topic: 2 (Post #1 & 2), by female

Posts deleted: 3 (Post # 3, 4 & 5), by female, single person

Average lines per post: Less than 8 (Post # 6, 7, 8, 11 & 12) by male

Average lines per post:  More than 11 (Post # 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 & 16) by female, last 4 by a single person

So what would you decide on the basis of above statistics Suvetha?

alilion | Student

men are naturally stronger than men..women are strong when they are pregnant.. men can endure more..women are naturally flexible, both men and women are not are naturally stronger whereas women are quite weak but strong at times 

emily-gl | Student

DUH.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you have any doubts about this statement?

moocow554 | Student

I am the guy with the 8 pack, not the one looking at it. that is just weird to me. i just had to clarify that!


romeoandjuliet444 | Student
  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
xbbe | Student

Personally, I think that boys are better than girls.

1. Girls have too many problems.

2. Boys work more.


1. Girls are more attractive

2. They are nice and helpful.

loraaa | Student

yes, I think so.
just without WHY... ^_^

kavthuv | Student


najm1947 | Student

They are more than equal! Don't ask me - just think about it.

siret | Student


piya1234 | Student

ok!!! So what ur FINAL conclusion

Woman = Man




Man > Woman

kavthuv | Student

I  agree with Suvetha

piya1234 | Student

And why?

josharnott976 | Student

I like guys for being mates...but like girls better! :)


just-s | Student

really there should be no doubt that all humans are equal!!!

just-s | Student

true!! ........;-)

ramseyxxilu2 | Student

We're all human. End of story.

piya1234 | Student

post 44# out of topic

valerie1trump | Student

Girls are smarte that's a fact

xbbe | Student

I'm noT being sexist.

vishnuip | Student

They are equal.

vishnuip | Student

Only with men's and wowen's the humans can survive on earth without any of them we can't survive.

vishnuip | Student

Why girls think they are better than boys and boys they are better than girls? That is what i don't understand.