A gift that disappoints the narrator on Christmas morning?

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Buddy and his cousin wake up bright and early on Christmas morning, full of excitement. But they can't rush downstairs and open their presents just yet. First of all they need to sit down to breakfast with their folks. It seems to take forever, and the children are so excited that they can't eat a thing. Eventually, the long, drawn out torture of anticipation is over and the children can finally unwrap their gifts.

But the unwrapping turns out to be a gigantic disappointment, especially for Buddy. He ends up with a pair of socks, a Sunday school shirt, some handkerchiefs, a hand-me-down sweater, and a year's subscription to The Little Shepherd, a Christian magazine for children. Buddy is absolutely furious. His cousin has slightly better luck though. She gets a sack of oranges and a white woolen shawl knitted by her sister, a gift with which she's well pleased. But her favorite gift of all is the kite that Buddy made for her. Buddy's cousin also made a kite for him, which he thinks is better than the one he made. No matter, it's windy this Christmas Day, and so the children head outside to fly their kites.

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