What words spoken by Scrooge about the poor are echoed by the ghost?

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cmcqueeney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ghost of Christmas present echoes Scrooge's words back to him.  He takes Scrooge to the home of Bob Cratchit where Scrooge sees Tiny Tim for the first time.  When Scrooge questions the ghost about whether Tiny Tim will live, the ghost responds that if things don't change, he will not live.  Then he quotes Scrooge's own words by saying, "If he be like to die, he had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."  This is significant because Tiny Tim becomes one of the motivations for change in Scrooge's life; Scrooge sees purpose beyond making money.  He can use his money for good, like saving the life of Tiny Tim.  The scene also helps Scrooge to see the cruelty of his own life and what he has done to so many poor people.

marogamal | Student

the gost of christmas present reminded scrooge with what he has said about the poor with his voice which was that poor are poor because they dont work but the sick poor people which are about to die, it is better form them to die form leaving this life and to decrease the surplus population,In my opiniopn that his words were wrong because poor sick people dont have the health to work, and people who are poor are not poorbecause they dont work, they are poor because thei bosses donot give them the money they diserve. And BOB was ana example for what i am saying