Ghana and Mali governments Compare and contrast the development of the states of Ghana and Mali. Would their governments and economic systems have been different if Islamic ideas and people had not appeared? Comparisions - Contrasts - Differences -

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Since I know nothing about this topic, I can at least share with you some sources derived from Google Books -- an excellent place to begin any kind of serious research.  One thing worth remembering is that Google Books will often not only give you extensive previews of books but will also link you to places (such as that offer their own previews and that usually have the books on sale used at very reasonable prices.  Here's a link that may be helpful to you:

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Islam as a religion clearly had a major impact on surrounding cultures and civilisations, and #2 makes a good point about how the diffusion of Islam through trade and communications helped its spread and clearly impacted the governments of both Ghana and Mali greatly. Clearly, Mali and Ghana are products, to a certain extent, of Islamic beliefs, and therefore it is obvious that their governments would have been different if Islam had not arrived.

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The governments of both Mali and Ghana were heavily influenced by trade routes.  Islam spread through trade.  It makes sense if you think about it.  As different regions trade with one another, they share experiences and spread religious ideas.  In Ghana, specifically, it seems that many important government officials were Muslims.  Here is a useful link:

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