Imagine George 5 years after the death of Lennie. Write a short scene (300-500 words) in which we learn what George is doing now and how he thinks about what happened all those years ago in Salinas.  

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A few miles south of St. Helena the rows of grapevines stretched as far as the eye could see. Bundles of deep purple grapes hung heavy on the vines. It was harvest time in the Napa Valley. A warm August morning dawned and George was preparing for another day of labor. For the last two years he had worked on this winery and had saved enough money that he soon planned to buy a piece of land where he would grow his own grapes.

For three years after the death of Lennie , George had tramped through California. He picked cotton near Fresno, milked cows at a dairy near Santa Maria and worked sugar beets for Spreckels in Salinas. He would work a week and take his pay. Then he might sit in a poolroom, drink some whiskey and, every once in a while, spend the night in a cathouse. For about a year Slim had traveled with him until the skinner had found a permanent job on a horse ranch in the Santa Ynez...

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