GeometryDoes anybody have any tips to help me get throught Geometry. Do you think its easy

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This part of math could be easier if you'll take in consideration the advantage the geometry has, the drawings. If the axioms and theorems of geometry are very well understood, it should be no problem to visualize the solution of a geometry problem. Start with easy problems and when you'll feel pretty confident in juggling theorems applied, move to the next level.

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I always had the hardest time with visual things.  Equations and proofs I could handle, but drawing shapes or using diagrams drove me crazy.  The moral of the story is know where you have trouble, and focus on that.  You might want to get a tutor.  I ended up working with a study group, and it did wonders.

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Most students find that Geometry is easier than Algebra 1.  Geometry gives students more visuals than Algebra.  At least when solving equations, the x stands for some geometrical object.  My advise is to get into it, have an attitude of I can do this and have fun learning.  When the chapter for logic and proofs come up, pretend you are Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery.  The pieces of the puzzle will fit together. If necessary, get extra help from your teacher when they are available, and find out what their favorite treat is. (A gift will show you care.)

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thank u all this really helps and i am doing good in it now.. my current grade is a b and I'm still striving to do better

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Does anybody have any tips to help me get throught Geometry. Do you think its easy

I am currently in an Honors Geometry class. So far, I have to say that it is fairly easy. Proofs may get annoying, but if you inderstand them, they will seem like nothing. I hope that helps, good luck in geometry !

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  • have a good attitude
  • if you are stuck ask for help (i do it all the time, don't be embarassed)
  • study and try to stay on top of things
  • if you passed algebra 1 you have no problem in geometry (its kida fun)
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for geometry i think it is important to be able to visualise the object. for example you have to know how it looks like after flipping it, rotating it etc.