geometryFind the area of the circle with radius 8/9 cm.

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given the radius r= 8/9.

We need to find the area of the circle.

We know that the formula of the area of a circle is given by:

A = r^2 * pi where r is the radius.

Then, we will substitute with r= 8/9.

==> A = (8/9)^2 * pi = 64*pi/81 = 2.48 ( approx)

Then, the area of the circle whose radius is 8/9 is 2.48 square units.

giorgiana1976 | Student

The area of the circle is given by the formula:

A = pi*R^2, where R is representing the radius of the circle.

From enunciation, we know the value of the radius. We'll multiply the radius by itself, to raise it to the square:

R = 8/9 cm

R^2 = 64/81 cm^2 (note that we are raising to the square and the units of measure, also)

We'll substitute the value of R^2 in the formula of the area:

A = pi*64/81 cm^2

We'll substitute pi = 3.14

A = 3.14*64/81 cm^2

A = 2.5 cm^2 approx.