I need help writing a conclusion for a geography project on the topic of transport and communication.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The difficulty you are having in writing your conclusion may be due to not having a good definition of your project. Transportation and communication technologies vary with period and region. For example, the geography of Venice means that much transportation within the city is by water; this habit of marine transport may have led to Venice's having become a major naval power in the late middle ages. Similarly, the rugged mountains of Greece, making long distance travel by sea faster and safer than land travel may well have contributed to the evolution of city-states as a dominant political system, and also to development as a naval power.

Jared Diamond has argued that accessible east-west trade routes permitted cultures to exchange goods and ideas with other groups at similar latitudes, fostering the spread of agriculture and leading to the development of powerful and advanced civilizations reaching from Europe east to China. 

As the project is for a geography class, you might want to investigate how the geography of a specific region  led it to develop specific types of communication and transportation technologies.

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