Geography of the Cascade MountainsMy little sister (who is in 4th grade) was assigned to a project on the geography of the Cascade Mountains. I have no idea how to get her going. I, myself am...

Geography of the Cascade Mountains

My little sister (who is in 4th grade) was assigned to a project on the geography of the Cascade Mountains. I have no idea how to get her going. I, myself am confused. It would have been much easier if she was assigned to one mountain.

Where should she begin?

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Wow! That's a tough 4th grade assignment.

I would have her look up information about these things regarding the Cascade Mountain Range: climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, population, land use, industries, or states involved.

If it is a display board, this kid could find a picture and write a paragraph about each of the above topics after a little bit of research.

Try to look for resources that are set up for children. Google 'children's encyclopedia online free'. You'll find lots of goodies that are appropriate for her. Check the one below to begin with.

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I guess I would start with where they are.  Talk about how they run north to south through Washington and down into Oregon.  Talk about where exactly they are in Washington, especially in relation to towns that her classmates might know about.

Depending on what kind of geography we're talking about, talk about what kind of mountains they are (not volcanic).  Talk about how high the tallest ones are.

Maybe you could have her talk about the human geography as well -- what kinds of things you can do in the Cascades, North Cascades Park, etc.

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The link below is a good place to start for your geographic history and description for the Cascade Range.  Look for the more general descriptions given her age and grade level, so that she can understand what she is writing.

The "How Stuff Works" site is great at describing such things in layman's terms, though you may have to help her understand some of the key points.

You can also use just general geographic location of the range, where it starts and ends, how long it is, major mountain peaks in it, just to get her started.  The last link has an easy map about where the major volcanoes are located, which is high interest for her age.

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The Cascades are a mountain rage in western North America extending from British Columbia, Canada to Northern California, USA.The range has volcanic and non-volcanic mountains. The tallest peaks are around 14,000 feet high (Mount Ranier). You can find further information at:

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