Was Genghis Khan a history maker or the right person in the right era?based on how he is presented in the beginning of the book, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is probably more correct to consider Genghis Khan a history maker rather than simply the right person at the right time. Others with similar opportunities, including his father, did not succeed.

Genghis given name was Timujin. His father might have become a powerful leader were he not poisoned when Timujin was only ten. A number of efforts were made to neutralize Timujin; but he managed to evade or escape from every situation. He was once kept in a wooden cage, but escaped. As he matured, he became an expert at the unique nature of Mongol diplomacy: bravery and courage in battle and loyalty to allies. Interestingly Mongol diplomacy also said one should betray ones superiors if the opportunity to advance ones position presented itself; something that Timujin did on more than one occasion..

Some Mongol tribal units allied with Timujin voluntarily; others were conquered by him. Still other times, he allied with other tribes and then turned on their leader. He later managed to meld them into a single unit in 1206; but even then he did not allow them to fight in tribal units, as this might expose him to betrayal and assassination. He rather had his men fight in inter-tribal units and chose officials on the basis of loyalty and talent. His unique talent and leadership ability was the reason that a council of Mongol leaders proclaimed Timujin "universal leader: in the Mongol language, "Genghis Khan."