What are the pros and cons of generating electricity using wind power?

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Around the world today, wind power has become much more popular as a way of generating electricity.  It is an exciting new way of producing clean energy.  However, it is not without serious drawbacks.

The major benefit of using wind power, of course, is that it is environmentally beneficial.  We know that our use of fossil fuels is contributing to global warming and that global warming may become a serious problem in the years to come.  Therefore, it is in our interest to come up with sources of energy that will not have such negative effects.  Wind is one such source of energy.

However, there are serious problems with wind energy.  One problem is that it is more expensive at the moment than power generated through fossil fuels.  Another problem is that it is an unreliable source of power.  Sometimes, the wind does not blow.  Other times it does.  Another problem is that there are many people who are bothered by the technology needed to exploit the wind.  They worry about the aesthetics of wind turbines.  They also worry about how many birds it kills.  These concerns help to mitigate the degree to which wind is a potential source of energy that everyone will support.

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