Generally, men deal with conflict better than women? Discuss in regars to "The Crucible."

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Considering the vast majority of the accused witches were women, I'm not so sure about that.  In the play the men fell apart when their women were taken in to jail.  John Proctor deals with his conflicts rather well...from his infidelity to Elizabeth and his affair with Abigail to his wife's title of "witch" and his own arrest to the internal conflict of signing and confessing in order to live in shame or refusing to sign and die with honor with the other accused witches.

Elizabeth also seems to be very strong and able to deal with her conflicts...they are the same as John's, only she knows she will lose her husband if he chooses not to confess.  That is a lifetime of rearing their children without their father helping to bring in the harvest and teach them the necessary lessons.

Giles Corey surprised us all with his spunk while being crushed by rocks, so there's a feather in the men's cap.

Abigail Williams, the little "witch" who started it all, runs off in the dark after stealing her uncle's money. 

Focus on the main characters--men and women--and make a list of the things you think they dealt with well and the things where they showed weakness.  This is a question/statement that draws from your own personal opinion with your evidence to back it up.  There is no wrong answer...just be sure you can point to evidence in the play which helps you make a strong argument.

Good Luck!